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Beauty Balms
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Made with the magic of bees
for the sensitive & indulgent.

Beauty Within And Without

In an increasingly toxic world, we answer the call to be kind to ourselves. We strive to bring awareness to using the best Mother Nature has to offer. Applying the most pure ingredients to the skin, our largest organ, is one of the best ways to feed and nurture ourselves. 

We've Been There

The journey to our supportive, all natural products.

Being an artist, and suffering from chemical sensitivities for many years, the desire to create something beautiful that supported my health was essential. I had been using Ayurvedic oils, and began playing with recipes, when a chance meeting with a beekeeper changed my mind. Why not products made from nature, delivered through our largest organ, the skin?  


The words themselves conjure up apothecaries of another time. . . . And then the memory of a delicious smelling hand cream made by a cousin in England some years ago, with the old fashioned scent of violets. “Not your Grandmother's Hand Cream” came to life. The scent is so clean and fresh, I hope a new generation might learn to appreciate it. Playing with beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and preserving oils, a bunch of ideas started to appear. Then a lovely young friend from Paris told me about  a mixture popular in Europe, that contained all the products of the beehive.  

I tried a few recipes, and used the mixtures morning and night. Voila! My skin was transformed, and the compliments started pouring in. I call it “Royal Magic Balm”, because it is magic. The recipe is not proprietary, because you can't patent nature. If I keep dabbling, what other possibilities might appear? View the products below to see what's come to light thus far.

local products for sensitive skin made with natural bee products

Our Products

Beeswax & Honey - balms, body butters made with local beeswax and essential oils in Fairfield Connecticut

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